“The Wish” is a dark psychological thriller about a man who is thrown into a new dimension of isolation between light and shadow … a place with no exits, where fear replaces knowledge and science, where one must fight their imagination and the dark spirits … to find a way back to reality…


The producer for “The Wish” is in negotiations with film distributors both aboard and in the United States.  Distribution would be in DVD or film print.  New scenes and original music have been added as well as stunning special effects.  “The Wish” is creating a new buzz in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.  This film must be seen by the masses.

Marcel Mandu, director/producer/writer for “The Wish” recently won a Gold Film Award for “Narrative Feature” in San Diego, California.  The associated music video has been selected and recognized at the London Independent Film Festival and by the Swansea Independent Film Festival.

“The Wish” is an intriguing original feature film.  It features an original psychological thriller with mesmerizing overtones of horror and science fiction.  Mr. Mandu is currently in pre-production of another UK/US feature documentary.  For more information on distribution please fill out the contact form.  Thank you